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Hey, I'm Rachel

As a researcher:


In my free time, when I'm not inventing new foods, I enjoy researching everything from new materials to the effects of electromagnetism on the human body. An extremely fast reader and a perceptive interviewer, I am able to find extremely useful information in a short amount of time. I am also well versed in using other research methods, such as product comparisons and testing, surveys, etc.

As an efficient worker:


As the recipient of the SMA Southern District IDSA Student Merit Award, as well as the Most Outstanding Undergraduate Award for Industrial Design at Auburn University, I contribute my success and my 4.0/4.0 GPA to both hard work and a speed that comes from time management, a sense of direction and urgency, and in knowing my tools well. 

As a designer:


I am highly creative and endlessly curious. New materials, technologies, and the secrets of biology fascinate me, and designing anything for the home is right up my alley. Largely self-motivated and efficient, I find it easy to focus on one thing for a long period of time or learn something new very quickly. As an outgoing, collaborative, friendly introvert, I would prefer to work on a team but can work alone. I am driven by both success and helping others, so I would be honored to work with any company that makes a difference in the community and values hard work and excellence.

As an artist:


Highly creative and well-trained in craftsmanship, I value form, color, and the emotional expression of a product or a piece. As a result, I have won several awards and scholarships for my artistic abilities, including a first-place prize at Disney's Art Festival of the Masters.

As a traveller:


As of now, I have studied abroad in 6 different countries, and visited 17+. My Spanish is decent, and I learned a bit of Mandarin and Taiwanese in my recent travels to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Would I go back if I could? Absolutely. And yes, the food is amazing.

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